Monday, January 13, 2014

You'll Grow Out of it...

"Don't worry, someday those pimples will go away, you will grow out of it."

Does this statement sound familiar? I am sure that all of us heard this soothing statement during our teen years. Pimples are a teen's nemesis. There was nothing that could ruin my day faster than discovering a new Mt. Kilimanjaro on my face. I already felt awkward and unattractive, a pimple was just another awesome reminder of how much my skin hated me. But everywhere I went, friends would remind me that pimples didn't last a lifetime. I remember looking forward to the day when I would wake up and my skin would be crystal clear, milky perfection. I anxiously awaited this moment...over a decade later, I am still waiting. Oh the LIES people tell you..I know somewhere all those people are pant less and smelling a little toasty!

 I am no longer a teen, and yet I am still visited by the pimple fairy. Oh sure, they aren't as bad as they were in high school, but they still faithfully remind me that they have no intention of going away. I hate to be the harbinger of doom to all of teendom, but here is the cold hard truth - pimples will always be apart of your life. Yup, they will. They may not be as angry in adult life, cause well things have mellowed out a bit; but they still love to make appearances at the worst of times. Job interviews, dates, weddings, etc. The plus side is most adults aren't really paying attention to
the Pike's Peak that has set up temporary residence on your chin. WE have bigger fish to fry -WRINKLES!
 I have discovered that wrinkles, on the scale of OMG I am old & what the heck is going on with my face, far outweigh the gravity of a pimple. A pimple is just renting the space on your face, but a wrinkle becomes a permanent buyer. The combination of the two, which occurs more often than one would think, can make one feel like they are in a never ending tug of war between youth and older age. This phenomena can make one want to put a bag on their head and never be seen in society again. Yet, I wonder if these skin flaws are here to teach us something bigger about life.  

Beauty has nothing to do with perfection, it is how we handle those imperfections that make us beautiful. Life is far from perfect, heck let's be honest sometimes life is full of pimples and wrinkles, they pop up when we least desire to see them. I have to remember that life's imperfections are not something to shake my fists at, they aren't here to punish me, they are here to help me grow. Imperfections helped me become who I am today.
So I guess those friends weren't lying after all. There are some things you do "Grow" out of.

Tuck this thought into your heart when life's imperfections seem to be assaulting you and you feel far from beautiful, remember that someday you'll grow out of it.

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