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Thursday Writer's Window - Ross Homer

Writer's Window Thursday - Ross Homer


I would like to welcome Ross Homer to this week's "Writer's Window". Mr. Homer writes fantasy/sci-fi for a more mature audience. Here is a little background information on this interesting author. Ross has been a story teller since childhood. Since his family moved quite a lot, he collected a myriad of experiences, thoughts, people, places and things to write about. He went to college for awhile and majored in History and Anthropology. These two subjects help immensely in his writing. Ross, now lives in Alaska where the beauty and absolute weirdness of the people provide fodder for his imagination. Let's take a peek into Ross' imagination and learn how he crafts his stories!

Tiffany - Will you please tell us what is the title of your book ?
Ross -The title of my first book is “The Witches of Aba Nam, Book 1: The Orb"

Tiffany -Give a short synopsis of your book.
Ross - Defeated in war by Teus, Lord of Moraduhnim Castle, the beautiful young queen of Aba Nam is captured and tortured for two years. Teus stripped Viktoria Ceridwyn Coer Kilarra of her health, realm and magical abilities in the war that saw black, white and gray magics used by both. Almost dead from her continuing defiance, she manages to escape. Escaping, though, has its own set of problems. Like falling in front of an oncoming automobile. This one is driven by Taagen Davis, novelist and avid bicyclist. He barely stops in time. Recovering from the injuries incurred in the war, the young queen tells Taagen a tale of a legendary object that must be protected at all costs. When she’s strong enough, she shows him a small sample of her once powerful magic. Taagen takes time to think about what she’s told him and decides her story is reasonable. Of course, his falling in love with her didn’t enter the decision at all. He decides to join this beautiful young woman on her quest. Their destination is the secret location of the Orb of the Worlds. Arriving on Aba Nam through a portal called a Gateway, Taagen discovers it to be nothing like Earth. For starters they have to fight a band of Teus’ mercenaries within minutes of arriving. With swords, no less! Driven to conquest by forces unknown to him, Lord Teus has not been resting on his victory. He too is striving to find the Orb. Nothing will stand in his way; neither stronger magic, nor the young queen.
Tiffany - Many authors have a specific reason for writing a story. Why did you write this particular story?
Ross -I grew up on classic science fiction and fantasy. I’ve always wanted to create this kind of story and, after a number of years of kicking it around, I finally completed this one.
Tiffany- Tell me Ross, are there any characters in your books that are modeled from people in your daily life?
Ross -Not really. Some are amalgams of friends and neighbors, most are my creations.
Tiffany - Fantasy writers have always fascinated me. The imagination it takes to write that genre is astounding. How do you come up with your story lines?
Ross -‘What if’ is one way. Another is talking to people. Sometimes something they say will key a scene in my brain. For instance: my wife and I were discussing divergent time lines this morning or making a decision one way or another. What would happen if…?
Tiffany -What was the point you realized that being an author was no longer a dream but a reality?
Ross - When I put the first book in this series on Kindle AND someone actually bought it, not a friend or family member. I may not be able to gas my truck yet, but it is fun.
Tiffany - What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Ross - I’m going to steal a line from “Galaxy Quest.” Never give up, never surrender. I have no less than 62 rejections for The Witches of Aba Nam. I know it’s a very good story, with strong characters. But getting past the slush pile in this day and age is extremely difficult for new writers. I completely believe it’s all luck.
Tiffany - What warning(s) would you give them?
Ross - Be very careful should you become one of the chosen few. The woods are full bandits, wolves and other creatures out to steal you blind. There’s a great website called: It helps the writer see who the bad guys are.
Tiffany - What do you enjoy the most about the writing process?
Ross - The actual creation and seeing the scene or conversation in my head. Seeing it on my screen. Telling my wife, “Wow! This character really kicks butt.” Editing, not so much but by doing it, I polish and add sensuality. I like to get the thoughts down first and then add in the five senses.
Tiffany - Now for some "non" writing related questions. If you were given one day to live, what would you do that day?
Ross - Wipe my hard drives. I think I’d sit and write thoughts about what I’m feeling at the time.
Tiffany - There are so many authors I would love to meet ( past and present). If you could meet one of your favorite authors, who would it be and why?
Ross -Nora Roberts/JD Robb. I have read all the JD Robb novels and not a few of her 'romance’ novels. I would like to see what goes on inside her head and how she manages to publish literally hundreds of books. See if I can catch an idea or two from her.
Tiffany - Who inspires you?
Ross - Seeing my words come to life in a form that tells a story. I grew up in the days of Uncle Remus and the incredible story-telling of Joel Chandler Harris, O Henry, Saki and as I mentioned before, classic science fiction writers like Asimov, Fred Clark, Arthur Clarke, Heinlein (a personal favorite and a person I try to emulate to some extent in my writing,) Murray Leinster and Norton.
Tiffany - Everyone has an embarrassing moment in life. I have had many. Please tell us your most embarrassing childhood or adult moment?
Ross -Really? You want to go there? I am a recovering alcoholic and lord knows I have far too many of those tales. Since sobriety (seven years and counting) none that I can think of. Well, there’s one. Two years after I married my first wife, we were at a party when I turned to introduce her to my commanding officer. “Sir, this is my wife…” Her name was gone! Completely, as if it had never been. Suffice it to say, I was embarrassed and she was very angry. We joked about it from time to time until she died a few years ago.
Tiffany - If you could go back in time, what would you say to your younger self?
Ross - Listen to your muse! If she says write, then do it! I screwed around for decades before I finally knuckled down and got after it. I loved writing stuff when I was a kid, still have some of my notebooks, but basically dropped it as an adult. It’s only been in the last five years or so that I’ve really made an effort.
Tiffany - What’s next for you?
Ross - I’m continuing with The Witches of Aba Nam series. Book 2: Arena is done and being edited. Book 3: Working title, The Return is kicking around inside my head and I’ve a lot of ideas for it. This series is basically unending. I’m also working on my Scepter of the Nile series. Book one of that one is done and being edited, I’m working on book 2 and planning a third and final book 3. And I have a private eye series that’s simmering on the back burner, about two thirds written. I don’t know if I’ll actually make a series out of it or not. I have numerous short stories, some of which are on my blog:
Thank you Ross! It was fun to learn about your creative process and your current work. Best of luck as you pursue your dream!

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