Monday, September 9, 2013

Project Holiday Continued...creating hedwig

I decided a few weeks ago that this Halloween I would have a Harry Potter theme or a Hogwarts Halloween. I am still constructing a few things but here are some of my finished projects- Hedwig wreath and toilet paper roll Hedwig.
 First is my "Hedwig Wreath"

 I wish I had taken a picture of my materials before constructing it but apparently at the time I wasn't thinking ahead...

  • Foam Circle Wreath
  • Burlap Garland
  • White feathers
  • Owls
  • Purple Satin ribbon
  • Wire Star Garland
  • Off White paper

I didn't need to use any hot glue for assembly, and its an indoor wreath so I am not worried about anything flying pun intended.
Just wrap the burlap around the wreath and tie off the end with a cut piece of ribbon ( which doubles as the hanger). Loosely wrap the ribbon around the burlap..just a punch of color. Then begin inserting your feathers. Just push the feathers into the burlap and they hold beautifully. Thankfully the owls came with their own wire attachments, so that was easy. For the Hogwarts letter, just cut a small piece of off white paper into a square and copy the address from the book - you could even do your own address...I chose to stick with the book. I attached the letter with scotch tape on the back of the ribbon (that way no one will see it). Then loosely wrap the star garland on the half without the feathers. Then "Alohamora" you have your wreath. I'm sure craftier people than I could do much better, but I am pretty proud of my wreath...and since I didn't use any glue...I can take all the stuff off and use the same wreath for Christmas. Double duty decorating is the best!
Toilet Paper Roll Hedwig
My next creation is going to be used on my porch...and my porch is covered so it should survive the weather. This one could be a good craft for the kiddos. Currently I am making the cage that will go with this Hedwig, but Hedwig is done; so here is how to make her.

This time I took a picture of  "some" of my materials


Toilet paper roll
old  white sock
white felt
cotton balls
hot glue
yellow acrylic paint ( for wood crafts)
black acrylic paint ( for wood crafts)
Quaker oats box is for my cage...will show later how to make this.


  • Insert toilet roll into sock, until it hits the sock toe. Then stuff the toilet roll with cotton balls until the top forms a round shape (Hedwig's head).  Stuff the remainder of the sock into the roll and you should have a cylinder body shape.
  • Cut out a wing shape from the felt and hot glue feathers onto the felt wings. Then hot glue the wings onto the back of Hedwig's "body".
  • Then begin to hot glue ONE feather down the center of the "head" ( quill pointing down), and then begin to glue 3 to 4 feathers on the "body" of the owl.
  • Cut two small strips of felt and hot glue one near the "neck" of Hedwig and one right below the wings. These two strips should cover the quill of the feathers.
  • Cut out two small felt circles ( the eyes) and a triangle for the mouth. Glue the circles onto the sock ( not the  head feather), this allows the feathers to appear as if they are covering the eyes. Paint the eyes yellow and dot the pupil with black. Glue the triangle on top of the  head feather and then paint it black.
Not too hard and older kids could have fun constructing their own "owls" from other feather colors. The possibilities are endless..and you could make a class "owlery".
I am enjoying the process of making my Hogwarts Halloween...soon I will have the cage finished and a House elf door....stay tuned.

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