Monday, October 21, 2013

Radio Interview on "Living Large Radio"

I had the pleasure yesterday of being interviewed about my book "Red is the Color of..." and the message it contains - re-building self worth after being bullied.

I was a little nervous, but for my virgin interview I think I did just fine.
Some of the topics we covered were:
  1. My past experiences with bullying.
  2. How adults can have a immediate impact of a child's sense of worth after being bullied.
  3. How we often become the bully - either to ourselves ( repeating the lies in our mind) or bullying others out of fear.
  4. The communication gap between adults and children
  5.  How being honest is always the way to open the doors of communication with a child
These are just a few of the topics we discussed.
If my words make the difference in one person's life then that is enough for me!

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