Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why God gave me a son...

My son, born early at 34 weeks. Love at first sight.
I believe that our children are hand picked for us. Each child has a specific purpose in our lives, just as we have a purpose in theirs. My son was given to me, I believe, to teach me things about myself and the world around me that I desperately needed to understand. These are just a few of the reasons that God gave me a son...

  • I needed to find beauty in a bug.
  • I needed to take time to splash in puddles.
  • I needed to appreciate the sounds that vehicles make.
  • I needed to understand the heart of a boy as it matures into a mans.
  • I needed to take part in a grand adventure.
  • I needed more exuberance.
  • I needed to behold the little boy in my husband.

  • I needed to know that even superheros need a hug.
  • I needed to be in awe of life.
  • I needed to see a masterpiece in a mess.
  • I needed to hear the melody in boyish noise.
  • I needed to be taught courage.
  • I needed to see innocence of spirit.
  • I needed to learn to love with abandon.
  • I needed to define my own strength.
  • I needed to be reminded of how much God loves me.
Everyday I am grateful for attack kisses and hugs. The bedtime snuggles and morning wake ups. I have been given the job of being a guide to this adventure called life, and I cannot wait to explore it with my son. "Oh the places we will go!"
In one moment he stole my heart.

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