Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Morning Sickness...it is whats for breakfast

I had heard of morning sickness prior to my first pregnancy, although the facts about it were often carefully tripped over in delicate conversation by most of the women present. It seemed to me that it was something that was either A.) a passing sensation or B.) Such a horrible experience that selective amnesia was put into play. I soon found out with my first pregnancy that the answer was most definitely B.  Morning sickness is like the anvil that continually drops (like in looney toons) on the very unaware head of the preggo - it happens without warning and often in the most awkward of circumstances. Another little beautiful factoid is that morning sickness likes to hang around for weeks, months, or sometimes an entire pregnancy. Marvelous!  Also, I have a bone to pick with the IDIOT who decided to deceive all of us by laughably naming it "Morning Sickness." Contrary to it's name "the plague of unwanted heaving and retching" most assuredly happens all day...and doesn't just look at it's watch and say "Oh NOON time, I will now cease and see you in the morning." No, no pull up a piece of tile honey, cause the toilet is now your newest frienemy.

I find myself in the season of life where I once again have been gifted the joy of a second child. I also have found myself hugging the cold, unfeeling side of the toilet for several weeks, and I have drug myself out long enough to say - To all the women out there suffering with "morning sickness" you are not alone! I stand with you, holding my emergency bucket, and proclaim loudly that there is no shame in dry heaving at a stoplight! Who cares that the people in the vehicle next to you think you are possessed.  I humbly admit to praying for someone to knock me out as I sit on the floor, hair pulled back, listening to my toddler echo my guttural sounds, braced for the next wave of fun. The hope that a belch is just a belch often consumes my very being! Unashamed I announce that I talk to the toilet water, pleading for mercy, only to find that water is not a good listener. I admit that I have imagined bopping on the head, like a whack a mole, the woman who says "my pregnancies were WONDERFUL, I was never sick..EVER." I have contemplated the thought that food will never be a pleasant experience again. And let the record show that I have at one time retched so violently that my bladder decided to get in on the action...there is no shame ladies...No MORE...Unite and proudly showcase that green glow! You are NOT ALONE!

Many may find this post to be frivolous or just downright unappealing...well this is what I have to say to you...tough cookies girl scout! Too many of us suffer in silence because, well, morning sickness is scary, and let's be honest not too many people want to hang around the girl who is re-examining her latest meal. I want us all to remember that thankfully it doesn't last forever, and at the end of the journey something beautiful happens! Hold on to that thought, wipe your eyes, and brush those teeth...nobody said becoming a mother was easy...but I can say that it is definitely worth it!

Side Note: I have found that cutting back on my dairy, and large amounts of iron ( like in beef and pork) help some of the symptoms. Also cut that vitamin in half...take one piece at breakfast and another at lunch...way easier on the tummy!

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