Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Man Kryptonite

In life there are many ironies, but some men and their skiddishness about baby poop is one of my favorites. Men from an early age seek out and find humor in the grossest of things. Whether is be smelly gas, a loud burp, stinky feet, or any other strange odorous bodily function - you name it and its funny. If you have brothers or are married, you know that the male species derives tremendous pride in their ability to clear out a room with a single solitary fart. Yet, some of these very same men who were previously "fart dusting" the room, are left paralyzed by a small child's poopy diaper. Infant poop is man kryptonite. The sight and smell of it causes gags, groans, shivers, and the oddest of expressions from these conisseurs of nastiness.

This discovery amuses me to no end.

Women, on the other hand, have for years run away from the smelly and vile. We have often been the recipients of countless dutch ovens, smelly car rides, and anything else that might curl up our noses. Not that these pranks have been ill natured, mind you, often the "ewww gross" is met with a giggling apology. Ironically, you throw a small cooing infant in the mix and amny women become the Mike Rowe of diapers. I blame child birth, it messes with our sense. Suddenly, we pop a kid out and there is no job to gross to clean up. Diarrehea all over the crib, no problem. Poop slips out of the diaper into their shoe, hand me the wipes.

True irony.

I have laughed to tears watching men change a poopy diaper on AFV, haven't you? I have rolled my eyes and giggled numerous times watching my husband's face as he changes our son.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen...

I know I have to go easy on my hubs though, as we all should; they simply can't help it. Infant poop brings these Supermen to their knees. Although, this knowledge is powerful, because I know at anytime I can clear a room with one small solitary diaper. Paybacks a stinker....

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